Jar & Pet products

Most of these products include stylish dishes, smoothies, ice in paradise, and a variety of specialty liquor bottles. All plastic bottles are sold with the door seal.

Polymeric Products

Major products include dessert and microwave ovens, and a variety of spoon and forks in a variety of sizes and fortifications. All injectable products in this section are licensed by the Food and Drug Administration and are sold at the highest quality levels.

Wrapped Cutlery

Most of these products include wrapped  of spoons, forks and restaurants knife.Also available with generous printing and public printing. The items inside the packages can be changed according to the wishes of the customers.

Exclusive Design and Molding

Royal plastic company with a long history in the field of producing various plastic containers for the first time in Iran, has been designing and producing a variety of plastic bottles in accordance with your taste and manufacturing of injection molds and windproof monopoly.
Practice your ideas by us.
“Exclusive template ordering guide”

Royal Plastic Product Guides

1- Buy online products
۲- Contact Royal Plastic Collection and ordering
Possibility to send to all parts of Iran and border countries. Noteworthy to all respected buyers, all products of the Royal Plastic Factory range are guaranteed to be delivered to the factory, and if the products concerned are defective in terms of production, the engineering and technical section of the factory will be ready to fix the problem in the fastest possible time.

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